How to Write Better Web Copy By Answering Questions

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How to Write Better Web Copy By Answering Questions

If you haven’t noticed, Google likes to answer your questions. And they’ve added a little feature to help their search engine do that. It’s called Answer Box.

Answer Box takes the best answer it can find, pulls the contextual excerpt, and displays it as a search result just below the paid results on a search page.

Google has gotten better and better at answering questions. And you can bet that answering questions within your web copy will help you rise through the ranks of Google.

Let’s look at a couple ways you can find and answer questions for your niche.

1. Check Google First To Find Questions For Your Web Copy

Google not only answers the question you asked them.

It answers questions you didn’t ask them. It’s called “People Also Ask” and it’s a small box just under the answer box.

It’s a list of tangential and parallel questions related to the question you just asked.

Let’s say you sell peanuts and one of your pages deals with where Peanuts grow. It answers the question “Where do peanuts grow?” If you plug this question into Google, you get the answer and four questions with their answers revealed if you click on them.

You can find ideas for fresh content this way. And you can see what people are asking about your niche product.

Why would answering these questions be beneficial? If you have quality and accurate answers, your page might get chosen to occupy the Answer Box. Plus, your customers are already asking these questions. Preempt their curiosity by satisfying it before they ask.

2. Check Forum Sites

Another place to find out what questions your customers might be asking is a forum site.

There a tons of niche forums out there. But a few of them are perfectly mainstream and reputable.

Quora is one of the top places to find questions your customers might be asking.

Quora is a website where people create topics and ask questions on the topic. The community answers the questions to the best of their ability. Then other people in the community upvote and downvote the answers until the best answers rise to the top.

This is a great place to do two things. Get exposure by answering questions in your niche. And then finding questions to answer in your niche.

If your niche is peanuts, just type peanuts into Quora’s search feature. Already, we’ve found an excellent question you could use in some killer web copy.

“Does Eating Peanuts Make You Fat?” You’re the peanut expert! Write an article about it.

Another place to look for questions to answer is We couldn’t find much about peanuts, but we did find subreddit about our niche, digital marketing.

Reddit is a mixed bag sometimes. It’s more than just questions about categories, it’s a fairly anything goes forum.

Each category is called a subreddit, and each subreddit has its own rules about what content can be posted there. A lot of places don’t allow spam or original content. So you find a lot of useful information about what’s popular.

Just like in Quora, the best rise to the top with upvotes and downvotes.


Answering questions with killer web copy takes finding out what’s being asked and deriving a topic from there.

Create an FAQ page if you don’t want to create more blogs and other kinds of content.

What questions are you answering in your content? Let us know in the comments below. And, as always, make marketing your thing.