What’s So Great About Video Marketing For Small Businesses?

What’s So Great About Video Marketing For Small Businesses?

You’ve heard the commotion. You’ve seen the unrest. You’ve read the endless list of articles about it. Video marketing has burst onto the business scene and declared itself as the next big thing. And it’s not going away anytime soon.

There’s a good reason there’s been so much fuss about video marketing over the past 24 months or so. Businesses – both large and small – have the potential to see their profits soar when they embrace video as a marketing tool, and it doesn’t have to break your budget either.

Of all the different forms of advertising on the web, video is undoubtedly the best way to reach people. It’s easy to digest, it’s engaging, and it’s now readily available and accessible in an environment where many people own internet-connected smartphones.

Effective video marketing allows brands to reach this massive audience by being insightful, involving and inspirational.


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Video Marketing should be Insightful

Punchy headlines and witty marketing slogans are cool, but video can offer customers more insight into a brand than words ever could. Vines and GIFs always have the potential to go viral and zip across social media channels, whilst Snapchat stories, Facebook Live Video and Instagram video can truly reflect what a brand is trying to say, and can convey values via moving images.

Businesses don’t have to spend serious amounts of time thinking up catchphrases that generate a desired image in a customer’s mind – they can show people via video instead.


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Video Marketing should be Involving

Customers love to feel involved with a brand – and video marketing allows them to interact with a small business in a variety of ways. By filming the interior of their office, capturing employees on camera and offering behind-the-scenes footage at events, brands can make customers feel as though they have exclusive access into the inner workings of the company, and that makes them feel intimately involved.

Video also gives small businesses the opportunity to film customers themselves by shooting testimonials. This presents customers with a voice that can potentially influence future decisions of the company. The way in which video has the potential to make customers feel involved in a business is invaluable.


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Video Marketing should be Inspirational

Video marketing gives small businesses the opportunity to promote their ideas and products in new ways, allowing the customer to get excited about what they have to offer. Videos can be presented in the form of a series that customers can view on a weekly basis, or they can feature an expert from the company on live video answering questions from customers as they come in. Video can also come in a variety of shapes and forms – from POV to 360 to animation – ensuring infinite creativity.

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