Top Tips That’ll Get More Qualified Leads for Your Website

Top Tips That’ll Get More Qualified Leads for Your Website

Not sure if your visitors will ever convert?

Irrelevant traffic is a nightmare for any business owner. They often invest a lot in of time in attracting more visitors but notice that the qualified leads aren’t coming.

In the search for more traffic, many neglect the fact that untargeted traffic costs you money. It harms your return on investment.

However, the inbound methodology is the solution to your headaches.

There are tactics that can attract visitors who are interested in your product/service either if is purchasing it or just trying to find out more about it.

We crafted a small list of our top tips to attract more qualified leads to your website.

Where do you lose them?

One of the best ways to detect where the bucket is leaking is to look for where you’re losing them.

Do they read your blog? On average, how long do they stay on your website, and which pages make them stay for longer?

Do they sign up for the newsletter? If so, how are the opening and click-through rates?

By analyzing what makes them stay and what makes them hit the back button, you will be able to improve the parts of your digital marketing plan that aren’t doing their job.

Use long tail keywords in your ads

Being specific pays off.

When you use broad terms, you’re more likely to attract more traffic but less qualified leads because you aren’t what they’re looking for.

An example of a broad term would be “facial treatments”. A long tail keyword could be “facial treatment for acne”.

Use email marketing to attract qualified leads

Email marketing is the perfect way to nurture your leads.

You can send them useful materials or offer a discounted offer if they complete a survey. Make sure your subject line is short and compelling.

One of the tricks of the trade is to use the “No subject” line to make your leads more curious about what’s inside.

Use enticing calls to action

Sometimes you lose qualified leads simply because the promises you are making aren’t big enough or aren’t formulated properly.

Also, make sure you don’t throw your calls to actions everywhere. Showing a toll-free number on every page of your website comes off as nagging.

Remember to use your calls to action only on your landing page, and always offer something of value in exchange of their emails.

Use brevity and stay focused on the benefits that your website visitor will experience as soon he/she signs up.

Wrapping up

Attracting qualified leads is all about spending your resources on targeted digital marketing tactics.

Use long tail keywords. Be specific about your offers, and craft enticing calls to action with big promises.

Don’t forget about email marketing, one of the most underestimated qualified lead machines.

If you want to find out more about how you can bring more qualified leads and close more sales, don’t hesitate to check our blog.

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