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4 Major Content Marketing Trends of 2017

Do you want to know where content marketing is heading? Maybe you want to refresh your current content marketing strategy or learn what new strategies work best. Whatever the reason, learning how to squeeze the most out of any content marketing strategy will help you land more sales.   If you want to find out […]


5 Reasons Your SEO Strategy Needs to Focus on User Intent

We’ve been conditioned to worship keywords as king, so much so that we sometimes forget to think about user intent when creating our content. Yes, users’ search queries matter, but there is so much to be said about the information that these users are really looking for when they enter keywords into a search bar. […]

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How to Build Quality Backlinks Without Creating Content

You’ve created enough content. And you might not be getting the backlinks you imagined would appear before your very eyes. Sure, you might have some. But if you’re reading this article, you’re probably tired of creating so much content just to get a backlink or two to your pages. That’s ok. Because there are plenty […]