Pure Posture Instructional Video


Post-Production work for an instructional video on Pure Posture, a posture-correcting device developed by Dr. Chris Sova.

Project details

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Pure Posture is a revolutionary piece of equipment for posture care. Dr. Chris Sova and Dr. Beverley Marr, the creators behind Pure Posture, reached out to MainBreak for post-production assistance. They had shot their promotional piece on an android phone and there was some significant work that needed to take place before the promo could be released. FilmShare was contracted to clean up the audio track, which was recorded straight from the internal phone microphone, clean up the footage, fix the color shift, and edit the footage to the voiceover. We were also asked to develop a logo intro.

We started by cleaning up the image. There was some harsh lighting and a color shift that needed to be corrected. With video recorded by cell phones, there’s limited color data to work with, making color correction/grading more intensive. Once we got the image looking markedly better, we went to work on the audio. We decided it was best to record additional voiceovers in a more ideal environment, and advised Dr. Sova on how to treat his surrounding environment for recording and how to take a better voiceover using the phone. Here’s a clip that demonstrates the original video and the same clip of the finished video.

PurePosture Before/After from MainBreakMedia on Vimeo.

If you have less-than-perfect video, we can help. If you’d like us to professionally capture your audio and your video, we can do that too!

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