A-List Chat Crowdfunding Video


Crowdfunding Video to raise funds for A-List Chat, an interactive app connecting content creators, innovators, influencers, and their fans like never before.

Project details

  • Category : Motion Graphics, Video,

We were contacted by Olivier of A-List Chat about his idea for a game-changing platform to share content and conversation with creators and influencers. Olivier knew he wanted to pursue crowdfunding avenues to help fund the creation of the A-List Chat app, so he contacted us to develop the video to introduce his idea.

Olivier gave us all of the information he could, plus some artistic requests, and we took it from there. After developing a script, we hit the streets of Brooklyn to film the video. Using some high quality tracking shots and professional motion graphics, we were able to craft the graphic intro and the live-action concept, and add in the app explainer portion to create a comprehensive collection of information in an easy to digest format.

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