Custom Graphics Package – Stiletto District


Custom Graphics package, including lower thirds, custom transition, and original outro for Stiletto District, a lifestyle community for women, by women.

Project details

  • Category : Motion Graphics, Video,

The lovely ladies at Stiletto District contacted MainBreak Media with a problem that needed solving. They needed a custom graphics package with a fast an immediate turnaround. With a pitch meeting only days away, a professional graphics package that tied their videos together was all that was needed to add the extra flair to their presentation.

Specifically, they needed a custom transition with audio, a branded lower thirds, a watermark with animation, and, most importantly, a fully produced outro to close out their video content. We knew we had to help, and the turnaround timeline sparked the drive of our graphic artists. We completed the lower thirds, transition, and watermark to the client’s specifications, while pre-producing the outro. The client specified that it was to include a lady walking down a city street in stiletto heels.

After a quick trip to a city setting, we were able to capture the video that would line the outro. With the video cut and laid out, it was passed back to the graphics team to finish off the logo reveal. And, of course, we met deadline!

The graphics package is shown above using stock footage as a base.

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