How to Create the Best Social Media Selling Strategies

How to Create the Best Social Media Selling Strategies

Social media seems to be everywhere we look these days.

Whether it’s looking up someone you (sort of) know on Facebook, scrolling through random pictures on Instagram, or looking for the most clever 140-character Tweet, you know what we mean.

But how can you create the best social media selling strategies to benefit your business?

Read on to learn more about this valuable internet marketing tool!

Video Content Marketing

Social media selling strategies emphasize video content marketing. And we don’t just mean any content. We mean truly valuable content that adds value to your prospective client’s life.

What is your product or service doing for them that they can’t get elsewhere? Are you delivering this message in a clear way?

It’s not just about the message either, it’s how you deliver it too.

In today’s social media world, people love photos and streaming video footage. In fact, people are consuming videos at rapid rates.

During a call to report third quarter earnings in 2016, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg reported that the website had eight billion video views per day. That’s billion with a “B”!

Online video consumption isn’t showing any signs of slowing down either. By 2019, Cisco predicts video consumption across the world will make up 80-percent of all consumer internet traffic.

So, needless to say, get your video recorder ready and be prepared for some editing!

Solve a Problem

There’s no denying that YouTube has been a major success. The popular website offers all sorts of video content, from random walks through cities and detailed covers of your favorite band’s songs. There are even targeted marketing strategies that revolve around the use of the video platform.

But all video content marketing is not created equal. Sorry.

Your selling strategies on social media must be geared toward solving a problem for your client or prospective client.

In what way does what you sell help them? Give them a reason to buy your product or service. Better yet, give them a few reasons to buy it!

Listen to Your Customers

Social media platforms allow for a free way for you to do some very serious internet marketing. You can incorporate selling strategies as pilot efforts but just like anything else, you have to listen to your customers. What is their intent in purchasing your product or service? Did your product meet their expectations? Why or why not?

This isn’t just going logging onto your company’s Facebook page or Twitter account and responding to some reviews here and there.

Read what your customers are saying about your product and react to it. If there is something that is falling short of their expectations or you recognize a trending issue, fix it!

Successful social media selling strategies also incorporate a healthy dose of customer service. Identify true complaints and find a way to address an issue.

Your businesses reputation is one of your biggest assets.

Social Media Selling Strategies

Social media platforms offer businesses unique selling strategies in today’s internet world.

Video content marketing is becoming increasingly more important. But it can’t just be a video of anything. You need to relay a message that resonates with your prospective client base and gives them a reason to pick your product or service over another. Unless what you are selling is truly one of a kind, there’s a lot of competition out there for people’s hard earned dollars.

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