Quality Contextual Link Building to Boost Your Ranking

All by Mimicking How Viral Content Spreads


There are two main qualifications that make content go viral: Power and Bulk. Our time-tested strategies optimize both processes, providing a quality back link flow that gets results.


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To put it plainly, the way we build links mimics the path of how viral content spreads naturally on the web. Google repeatedly claims they want quality content that attracts links and goes viral. The key here – we make the content go viral ourselves.


First, you need to build Power, or in SEO speak – Authority. To do this, we plant the viral seed in the form of mini-authority properties on the top-level of high authority blogging sites, and link them back to your site.

We optimize these properties with relevant, original articles, photos, and, videos. Then, we create a viral link structure by posting content to supporting Web 2.0 properties, Social Bookmarks, and Profile Links. 

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The other necessity in making content go viral is Bulk, or Volume. This entails syndicating articles across hundreds of other sites.

To do this, we slow drip each article to our network of PR sites over 3+ weeks, creating a steady link velocity. This way, you get a natural flow of links over time, instead of all at once.

Additional Tips:

  • When submitting your inputs, you can input multiple keyword phrases depending on the package you order, so you can choose your level of optimization.
  • You can even submit all naked anchors if you’d like to over-optimize. Naked anchors look like this: http://www.yoursite.com
  • We encourage our clients to keep their exact-match anchors to a minimum in terms of profile percentage, and use brand terms, long tails, and naked anchors to create a more natural anchor profile.
  • When ordering more than one package for the same URL, we will automatically diversify the top level properties, increasing the amount of diversity that you get back to your site.


In-Content Link Building (Small)
For Low-Competition Keywords
Average of 5 In-Content Links
Up to 3 URLs
Up to 2 Keywords per URL
Optimized Spun Article on 3 Top Level Blogs
5+ Web 2.0 Supporting Properties
15+ Social Bookmarks
75+ Profile Links
50 Private Network Posts
In-Content Link Building (Medium)
For Medium Competition Keywords
Average of 30 In-Content Links
Up to 3 URLs
Up to 5 Keywords per URL
5 Optimized Spun Article on 4 Top Level Blogs
50+ Web 2.0 Supporting Properties
100+ Social Bookmarks
500+ Profile Links
200 Private Network Posts