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How to Create the Best Social Media Selling Strategies

Social media seems to be everywhere we look these days. Whether it’s looking up someone you (sort of) know on Facebook, scrolling through random pictures on Instagram, or looking for the most clever 140-character Tweet, you know what we mean. But how can you create the best social media selling strategies to benefit your business? […]

5 Small Business Marketing Objectives You Need to Use

Every small business should have some sort of marketing plan. But if you lack concrete goals, you can’t accurately measure your success. Marketing objectives help make sure that you’re using your most effective strategy possible, and that your plans are working. It’s time to go beyond generic marketing plans and do something that’s a bit […]

3 Important Content Marketing Objectives You Need to Be Using

To keep up with never ending competition, your content marketing strategy should always be evolving. To keep your content fresh, it’s important to develop content marketing objectives. These objectives are goals that you can work towards. If you’re working with a marketing consultant, having content marketing objectives helps make sure you and your consultant are […]

setting seo priorities for the year

How to Define and Set Your SEO Priorities for the Year

So you’re excited about implementing SEO strategies for your business but you’re not exactly sure where to start? Before you dive in head first to the SEO pool, it’s important to know that setting SEO priorities is just as important as utilizing SEO. Why? Because a good SEO campaign will drive more traffic to your […]


5 Reasons Your SEO Strategy Needs to Focus on User Intent

We’ve been conditioned to worship keywords as king, so much so that we sometimes forget to think about user intent when creating our content. Yes, users’ search queries matter, but there is so much to be said about the information that these users are really looking for when they enter keywords into a search bar. […]