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How to Use the Best Visual Marketing Resources to Win

Over the past one hundred years or so since the invention of the television, we’ve been re-wired to think in pictures. We want our information to be graphical. We want it to entertain and stimulate our brains. If it’s not interesting, it’s not worth paying attention to. At least that’s how we think. So, as […]

3 Important Content Marketing Objectives You Need to Be Using

To keep up with never ending competition, your content marketing strategy should always be evolving. To keep your content fresh, it’s important to develop content marketing objectives. These objectives are goals that you can work towards. If you’re working with a marketing consultant, having content marketing objectives helps make sure you and your consultant are […]

5 Benefits of Social Media Management

Around 97 percent of all global businesses use social media. But there is a big difference between using social media for business and using it successfully. The benefits of social media management are wide ranging. Learning how to manage your businesses’ social channels can help you build your following, and reach more customers. If you aren’t managing your […]

4 Major Content Marketing Trends of 2017

Do you want to know where content marketing is heading? Maybe you want to refresh your current content marketing strategy or learn what new strategies work best. Whatever the reason, learning how to squeeze the most out of any content marketing strategy will help you land more sales.   If you want to find out […]

3 Reasons Why Video Marketing Services Are Important Today

If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine how many a video is worth! If you’re a small business, perhaps you’re thinking video marketing services are out of your league. Why waste money on video marketing? After all–things like that are only for larger companies, right? Wrong. Videos don’t need to be costly affairs. You […]

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What Makes Video Marketing Content Go Viral?

When it comes to potential reach, video marketing may have rivals but, when a popular video gets to go viral, it has no equals. Today, video marketing isn’t simply a cost-effective way to reach a targeted audience. In this golden age of technological advancement, it’s an incredibly popular way of informing people, while knocking their socks off […]

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How to Build Quality Backlinks Without Creating Content

You’ve created enough content. And you might not be getting the backlinks you imagined would appear before your very eyes. Sure, you might have some. But if you’re reading this article, you’re probably tired of creating so much content just to get a backlink or two to your pages. That’s ok. Because there are plenty […]

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How to Optimize Your Content With SEO Writing

Content converts but only if it has the traffic. What good is dumping hours of your day into a piece of evergreen content if people aren’t going to see it? None, because those articles half the length are going to rank higher in search engines because they put in place SEO writing. SEO writing isn’t much […]

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How to Write Better Web Copy By Answering Questions

If you haven’t noticed, Google likes to answer your questions. And they’ve added a little feature to help their search engine do that. It’s called Answer Box. Answer Box takes the best answer it can find, pulls the contextual excerpt, and displays it as a search result just below the paid results on a search […]