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How to Optimize Your Content With SEO Writing

Content converts but only if it has the traffic. What good is dumping hours of your day into a piece of evergreen content if people aren’t going to see it? None, because those articles half the length are going to rank higher in search engines because they put in place SEO writing. SEO writing isn’t much […]

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How to Write Better Web Copy By Answering Questions

If you haven’t noticed, Google likes to answer your questions. And they’ve added a little feature to help their search engine do that. It’s called Answer Box. Answer Box takes the best answer it can find, pulls the contextual excerpt, and displays it as a search result just below the paid results on a search […]

What’s So Great About Video Marketing For Small Businesses?

You’ve heard the commotion. You’ve seen the unrest. You’ve read the endless list of articles about it. Video marketing has burst onto the business scene and declared itself as the next big thing. And it’s not going away anytime soon.

Industry Insight: Crowdfunding Videos

Funding is one of the more stressful aspects of starting a business. Determining how much funding is required and what type of funds will be accepted are the easier processes; determining where funds will come from is far more challenging. You could try a bank, pitch to angel investors, or you could ask the Internet… […]