4 Reasons Professional Headshots Are Important For Your Image

Smartphones make it easy to snap photos on the go. From selfies to 360-degree videos, there are plenty of photography tricks that can be done right from your cell. But headshots aren’t one of them. When it comes to professional headshots for your LinkedIn account, website, and social media platforms, professionalism is everything. Before you use […]

4 Branding Mistakes You Can’t Afford To Make

It is said that we learn from our mistakes; they are our best teachers in life. But mistakes made in our personal lives differ greatly from those mistakes made in the business world. If you’re a small business or start-up just paving your path, making branding mistakes could cost your business. If you’re aware of […]

4 Major Content Marketing Trends of 2017

Do you want to know where content marketing is heading? Maybe you want to refresh your current content marketing strategy or learn what new strategies work best. Whatever the reason, learning how to squeeze the most out of any content marketing strategy will help you land more sales.   If you want to find out […]

3 Reasons Why Video Marketing Services Are Important Today

If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine how many a video is worth! If you’re a small business, perhaps you’re thinking video marketing services are out of your league. Why waste money on video marketing? After all–things like that are only for larger companies, right? Wrong. Videos don’t need to be costly affairs. You […]

videos go viral

What Makes Video Marketing Content Go Viral?

When it comes to potential reach, video marketing may have rivals but, when a popular video gets to go viral, it has no equals. Today, video marketing isn’t simply a cost-effective way to reach a targeted audience. In this golden age of technological advancement, it’s an incredibly popular way of informing people, while knocking their socks off […]

setting seo priorities for the year

How to Define and Set Your SEO Priorities for the Year

So you’re excited about implementing SEO strategies for your business but you’re not exactly sure where to start? Before you dive in head first to the SEO pool, it’s important to know that setting SEO priorities is just as important as utilizing SEO. Why? Because a good SEO campaign will drive more traffic to your […]


5 Reasons Your SEO Strategy Needs to Focus on User Intent

We’ve been conditioned to worship keywords as king, so much so that we sometimes forget to think about user intent when creating our content. Yes, users’ search queries matter, but there is so much to be said about the information that these users are really looking for when they enter keywords into a search bar. […]

quality backlinks without content

How to Build Quality Backlinks Without Creating Content

You’ve created enough content. And you might not be getting the backlinks you imagined would appear before your very eyes. Sure, you might have some. But if you’re reading this article, you’re probably tired of creating so much content just to get a backlink or two to your pages. That’s ok. Because there are plenty […]

get back links that are google approved

5 Tricks to Get Google-Approved Backlinks

Trust is a hard thing to come by. Strangers just don’t trust each other with their most valuable stuff without a little bit of verification. Google seems to value their search results. They value them so much that they keep on improving their spam fighting features. But they don’t trust you. At least not yet. […]

how to write website content

How to Write Website Content that Actually Gets Read

In today’s fast-paced world, keeping reader’s attention is tougher than ever. If you’re looking for industry-tested advice on how to write website content that your readers will actually finish – and then act upon, don’t click away just yet. Keep It Short – Or Make It Look That Way! Tough news for all of us: recent research proved […]