5 Tricks to Get Google-Approved Backlinks

get back links that are google approved

5 Tricks to Get Google-Approved Backlinks

Trust is a hard thing to come by. Strangers just don’t trust each other with their most valuable stuff without a little bit of verification.

Google seems to value their search results. They value them so much that they keep on improving their spam fighting features. But they don’t trust you. At least not yet.

Unless you have high-quality backlinks that are Google approved, Google will hate your backlinks and not really trust you to sit at the top of the rankings.

So, how do you get backlinks that Google trusts? Let’s take a quick look, shall we?

1. Ask People To Link To You

As long as you’re not buying shifty links, asking other people to link to you in their content is totally legit according to Google.

Because, really, Google doesn’t consider whether you asked for a link or whether the link was “natural” or “organic.”

They just measure whether the link is misleading or not. If it’s not, it’s legit.

But you want to find people who are writing about your niche. You don’t want to make it hard for someone to include your site or page.

It won’t work if they’re hiding the link somewhere and forcing it to fit in the context. It has to flow naturally into their content.

If they are already writing about your niche and your information augments their argument or product. Then it’s a win-win for both of you. They’ll be more than happy to include your dofollow in their content.

2. Look For Broken Links

Again, this is another ask and they shall receive category.

You want to make sure the links you find are relevant. But finding broken links to fill is a great way to get backlinks that are Google approved.

Broken links are a problem for academics and the preservation of knowledge where studies found that 70% of links to legal journals were broken.

It doesn’t take much of an imagination to figure that the number of broken links across the whole of the internet is pretty high too.

Find links in pages that relate to your niche. Then email the webmaster and see if they’d be willing to fill those links with your URL.

3. Get Noticed By The Press For Doing Good

Local news is online now.

You want to get your page listed in a news article. Do good things in the community with your employees. Charity is great anyways.

Notify the press of what you will be doing and see if they’ll send a reporter.

4. Speaking Of The Press Try HARO

Become a resource for the press. Sign up with

Sign up with HARO and register as a resource for your niche.

You’ll get emails every week from journalists looking for information you can provide. They will probably include your page as a source in their article.

5. Write Shareable Content To Get Backlinks

You want people to link back to your content?

Give them something useful. Answer questions about your product. Provide statistics that are relevant to your blog. And write a lot. We mean a lot.

And write a lot. We mean a lot.


Getting backlinks only takes creativity and willingness to spend a little bit of time researching.

What are some creative ways you’ve found backlink opportunities? Let us know in the comments below. And, as always, make marketing your thing.