4 Reasons Professional Headshots Are Important For Your Image

4 Reasons Professional Headshots Are Important For Your Image

Smartphones make it easy to snap photos on the go. From selfies to 360-degree videos, there are plenty of photography tricks that can be done right from your cell.

But headshots aren’t one of them.

When it comes to professional headshots for your LinkedIn account, website, and social media platforms, professionalism is everything.

Before you use your latest selfie, check out these four reasons why a professional headshot is important.

1. You’ll Stand Out From the Crowd

As a small business, competing on the internet can be tough.

Using practices like SEO and successful social media management can help. But one simple way to stand out is by establishing yourself as more professional than the next company.

A headshot can help.

Having a professional headshot will show potential clients that you take your work seriously. It also shows that you’ve put time and effort into your web presence, which builds reputability.

2. It’ll Help Build Your Company or Personal Brand

It’s no secret that having a brand and sticking to it is essential for small businesses.

Any time that you post online, you should be considering your brand for consistency. This even applies to your headshots.

If the rest of your brand is very formal, but your headshots are informal photos of you hanging out on your day off, the result is a lack of professionalism.

Having your headshots taken means that you can make them match your company’s brand. You can even take several for use on different platforms, and they will be consistent across each, and consistent with your brand.

3. You Control the Outcome

Having professional headshots taken doesn’t mean that you have to dress up in a suit and stand in front of a colored sheet.

One of the best parts of having professional headshots taken is getting to choose what they look like.

You can coordinate colors and backgrounds to match your branding. You can make sure that your hair looks just the way you want it.

Whatever it is you’re looking to highlight in your headshots, a professional will be able to help you. Plus, they’ll be able to do far more with their equipment than you could ever do with your cell phone.

4. They Are Essential for Your Media Kit

One thing that is unique to small businesses is their local presence. As your company grows, it is likely that you’ll be contacted by local newspapers and magazines, or even local television channels.

When they contact you, the first thing they’ll often ask for is a headshot.

You could send them your self-taken shots. But consider whether these are really the ones that you want to broadcast to your community.

Even if they are good shots, they probably aren’t high enough quality for print.

But if you already have professional headshots ready to go, you can send these. They’ll already be ready for print, and you won’t have to worry about appearing unprofessional.

Just as a professional marketing consultant or social media manager can help you ensure that you’re putting your best foot forward, professional headshots are essential for any small business.