4 Major Content Marketing Trends of 2017

4 Major Content Marketing Trends of 2017

Do you want to know where content marketing is heading?

Maybe you want to refresh your current content marketing strategy or learn what new strategies work best.

Whatever the reason, learning how to squeeze the most out of any content marketing strategy will help you land more sales.


If you want to find out more about what’s trending this year, and how you can keep your customers hooked on your content, read on.

1. Influencer Marketing

This isn’t a new technique.

The use of influencer marketing dates back more than 60 years. But the technique has evolved.

Influencers in the past were always athletes, actors, singers, etc.

But today’s influencers are not only found in Hollywood and the Olympics.

An influencer can be a blogger, someone who makes youtube videos, or someone who has very high engagement rates on social media.

All influencers in the digital arena have one thing in common: a large fan base that looks up to them.

People who choose to read materials on weight loss are more likely to buy your weight loss related product.

Online influencers are more effective due to their segmented audience. Also, they are much cheaper and easier to contact.

2. Purpose-Driven Marketing: One of The Marketing Trends that Doesn’t Go Away

The walls are coming down.

Your potential clients not only want to find out more about what you offer but why you offer it.

Purpose-driven marketing gives justification to your business.

It explains the higher goal of your content strategy, and it answers an important question: why are you doing what you are doing?

Purpose-driven marketing is one of those marketing trends that doesn’t seem to go away.

Answering this question makes your brand seem more human. As a result, your clients will be more likely to come back, defend your brand, and share it with the world.

3. Strategic Moves

Marketers learn the hard way.

And it seems that strategic moves are poised to be huge marketing trends this year.

Content marketing without a strategy is chaotic, lacks purpose, and sends confusing messages to an unsegmented audience.

So put your goals on paper and develop tactics to reach them. Otherwise, you don’t have the plan nor focus to reach your audience.

4.Don’t Get Lost in Their Inbox

Email marketing is still by far the most effective way to reach your prospects. Just look at your inbox—there are so many companies fighting for your attention.

But there are a few important practices that will ensure success. Make sure your emails are laser-focused on your offer, use a casual tone, and keep the length short.

The most important part of the email is the subject line. Use it to state the biggest benefit to reading your email.

Wrapping it up

Focus on the latest marketing trends and stay up-to-date on the latest findings through research.

Read the experiences of people who have already “been there and done that” so you won’t make the same mistakes.

If you have any questions regarding the latest marketing trends, don’t hesitate to ask us.